Did you know that cosmetics can be made from tea?

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The composition of the product has become an important evaluation parameter, we choose those products based on information about the ingredients contained in them. INCI represents the list of ingredients in cosmetic products. Well, let’s get to know him better.


Savršena krema! Koža je meka, nežna posle prvog nanošenja prelepog mirisa.

Olivera Jakovljevic

This hand cream really nourishes the skin. During spring season, I never leave my home without this cream in my bag. I am recommending this cream to everybody who wants to have flawless hand-skin – and not only during the spring!

Aleksandra T., 20 years old

My friend recommended this cream to me and I am delighted with it! It smells beautifully, it doesn’t grease the skin, restores its radiance and elasticity. It is very noticeable how my skin got prettier and softer to the touch. The most important, my deep wrinkles are smaller and all my fine wrinkles are gone!

Marija S., 48 years old

I got reccomendation for the Multiactiv Atopc cream in the pharmacy. I have quite serious problem with skin redness, with skin iritations actually, and my skin is a dry type. Not only skin on my face, skin on my whole body is prone to iritations. They told me that I can apply the cream on my face and on my body as well. The cream package is not large, but it is very spreadable and it lasted a month with applying it to the specific body part. After the first tube I have used, I noticed the postive results. I will keep using it.

Nemanja P., 27 years old

I got the 3-step treatment as a gift and I must admit that I was somewhat skeptical about the promised effect of this treatment. I have carefully read the instructions, and after I have washed my face, I have applied the serum around my eyes and my mouth. I generally have no wrinkles besides the ones around my eyes but those are very old and deep. I have them all my life. I held the mask around half an hour and then I massaged my face until all the fluid was absorbed. The last step was a night cream. In the morning, my skin was glowing! My eye-bags were almost gone as well as my “smiling eyes” wrinkles. I needed to say thank you, that’s how happy I am!

Kristina. T, 30 years old

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