Skin diagnostics

Skin diagnostics

Are you ready to learn more about your skin?


Wondering what skin type you have? Or would you like to know which Multiactiv cosmetics products suit your skin best? Whether you are discovering Multiactiv cosmetics for the first time or have loved our products for years, our online skin test is individually tailored to you and will assess your current skin condition and give you personalized facial skin care recommendations that are perfectly suited to your skin.

1. What is your skin type?

2. What are your skin concerns?

(choose all that apply)

3. What`s your age group?

4. How does your skin feel without moisturizer?

My cheeks are:

My forehead, nose and chin are:

5. Your skin around the eyes is:

6. Do you experience skin sensitivity? This could include irritation, redness, flaking.

7. Do you have signs of skin aging? This could include freckles, wrinkles, sagging skin.

8. Your skin is:

Product for you

Based on the current condition and skin type, as well as other important parameters, we recommend the following products: