Active ingredients in skin care products probably aren’t something that makes a lot of sense to most of us. The ingredient lists on the packaging are usually quite long and contain words that most of us have probably never heard before. Trying to understand the full list of ingredients and how the active ingredients work before making any skin care purchase would take much more time than it should. That’s why we bring a brief explanation and main criteria that can help you choose a product.

The order is important

The order in which the ingredients are listed in the INCI list is not random: the most abundant ingredient is on the first place, and the ingredient that is present in the lowest concentration is on the last.

What is at the beginning and what is at the end?

Since the ingredients are listed in descending order on the declaration, at the beginning is what is the most in the product, and that is the most common – water! In the middle of the declaration, the base, which consists of emulsifiers, thickeners, gels, emollients (gives spreadability and affects various properties), is most often mentioned. At the end of the declaration, colors, fragrances, preservatives, solvents, neutralizers for adjusting the pH value, etc. are listed.

What are the active ingredients in skin care products?

The active ingredients in skin care products are responsible for achieving the effects of a particular product. However, excessive use of strong ingredients on the face can have unwanted effects. It is important to know that an inadequate concentration of certain active components can damage the skin’s protective barrier and cause more harm than good. Also, an inadequate combination of components can cause irritations, rashes, etc. There are skin care products on the market today for almost every problem a person may have with their skin. The most basic at-home skin care products are meant to keep your skin clean and properly hydrated. Depending on your personal needs, you can choose for care products with a targeted effect, for example, against acne, anti-aging, dry skin care, treatment of freckles, blemishes and hyperpigmentation.

How to choose the right active ingredient?

The most important thing is to concentrate on the main problem on the face, and later solve other, less important problems. In the table, we have listed examples of problems that can occur on the skin and some of the active ingredients that can affect the solution of that problem.


Skin problem  Active ingredient
Prevention of skin aging signs Hydroxyproline, pro-collagen peptide, collagen and elastin
Strengthening the skin barrier, controlling sebum Niacinamide
Restoring shine and reducing oxidative damage Vitamin C
Uneven complexion, skin texture problem AHA and BHA acid
Hyperpigmentation, freckles and dark spots on the skin Lipoamino acids (Sepiwhite)
Lack of hydration, dry skin Hyaluronic acid, urea, allantoin
Excess sebum, acne Salicylic acid, Hamamelis extract



With great care, we choose active components that are proven to work, are mutually compatible and in harmony with the nourishing product bases. It is precisely this combination that provides the skin with the desired effect and balance, and gives you a unique care experience. On our products, the supporting active components included in the composition are clearly marked, which significantly facilitates the establishment of a proper care routine. Also, labeling can help you avoid an ingredient if you are allergic to it or simply don’t want to use it.

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