There is a way to have fun at the same time, take extra care of your skin, instantly achieve a rested look and relax, all in ten minutes. You guessed it, it’s a favorite addition to your regular facial care routine, MASKS.


Nourishing, moisturizing, purifying or with a peeling effect, masks come with many different benefits for the skin.


Since the condition of the skin often changes due to seasonal changes, the influence of external and internal factors, there is no single mask that will suit you at all times. We suggest that you always have 2-3 different masks in stock, so you can give your skin exactly what it needs at a given moment.


Choose face masks according to your current needs and the condition of your skin. In order to get the maximum performance of the face mask every time, we have written some tips on what to do before, during and after applying the face mask.



Prepare your face by thoroughly removing makeup and cleansing your face. Also, before applying the face mask, you can apply a moisturizing tonic, which, in addition to softening and restoring moisture to the skin, will balance its pH and help it better absorb the ingredients of the face mask.


Apply the mask in a generous and even layer on the face, avoiding the area around the eyes and lips. Don’t forget about the neck and neckline! Respect the time of action indicated on the package. You might have thought that leaving the mask on your face for a long time will increase its effectiveness, but be careful, the opposite can happen.


Get into the habit of rinsing with warm water and the masks should wash off without any problems. Too hot water can dry out the skin, while using cold water would make it difficult to remove the mask. As with everything, look for the golden mean and use warm water, the masks will come off easily and without additional stretching of the skin. The rule is to wash the masks from the center to the periphery of the face. If you want to further speed up the process, you can use cosmetic sponges soaked in warm water.


After you have washed off the mask, the care is not over. Apply the appropriate day or night cream that you use for regular care to keep all the nutrients in the skin and give you a soft and smooth look for longer.


Masks are not only reserved for special occasions, your skin will benefit a lot if you practice using masks 1-2 times a week.


Which mask will you choose today?

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