Have you heard of “TECH NECK”?

Have you heard of “TECH NECK”?

The cause of these lines on the neck is improper posture of the body and head while using the phone or laptop, and that time is almost half of the day! This phenomenon occurs from the constant bending of the neck, due to looking at a mobile phone or laptop. In addition to pain, discomfort and poor posture, this position inevitably leads to the appearance of wrinkles on the neck. The thin skin of the neck is very prone to the appearance of wrinkles, and we often skip the care of the skin of the décolletage, so the signs of aging in this region often appear before those on the face.

What is characteristic of this phenomenon is that tech neck lines are very pronounced almost immediately and appear at a very young age, more often in people in their twenties. It is also characteristic that they appear in pairs: one in the middle of the neck or a little above, and the other below the middle part of the neck.

It’s time to change that and acquire new habits that will prevent the appearance of these lines and reduce the visibility of the existing ones.

  1. To begin with, straighten up while sitting and try to raise the phone so that it is at the level of your face.
  2. Check if the cream you use during the day contains a protective factor because the sun’s rays worsen the condition of the lines on the neck from the phone by deepening them!
  3. When using the face mask 1-2 times a week, use the free portion for the neck area. Our recommendation is that they should be masks with a tightening effect.
  4. Practice face and neck massages as often as possible. Looking up, stretching your neck, apply your favorite cream or oil with gentle upward movements.
  5. Apply the cream to this area every day, which will help the skin to rejuvenate and fight wrinkles.


Multiactiv Anti Age Powerful Lifting cream is specially designed for neck and décolleté care. It contains an innovative cosmetic component, hydroxyproline, which has been proven to reduce the depth of the largest wrinkles, their number and volume. With green tea extract, jojoba oil, shea butter, collagen and elastin, the result is elastic, hydrated and smoother skin.

How else do phones cause wrinkles?

Due to the fact that phone screens are small, the content viewed on the phone is tiny, and therefore we often unknowingly squint our eyes to see every detail. That movement causes the appearance of mimic wrinkles around the eyes, but also between the eyebrows. Screens on phones very often emit a blue light due to better resolution and a more beautiful picture. This light directly affects the faster aging of the skin, bothers the eyes and causes insomnia. Insufficient rest and quality sleep accelerates the aging process, because it deprives the body and skin of the time it needs to regenerate and recover. Damage to the skin from blue light from the screen can often be reflected in the appearance of facial discoloration, i.e. the appearance of spots on the skin!

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