The fifth generation of Multiactiv Anti Age products intended for the care of mature skin. It is based on a high-quality base rich in olive oil, carefully selected nourishing ingredients and innovative cosmetic components, HYDROXYPROLINE AND PRO-COLLAGEN PEPTIDE, for skin rejuvenation.


HYDROXYPROLINE is a powerful amino acid in the fight against skin aging. Proven to reduce the depth, number and volume of even the most pronounced wrinkles. It works by stimulating the remodeling and contraction of collagen fibers, inhibiting the excessive production of the elastase enzyme, which protects elastic fibers, lowers the level of free radicals and hydrates the skin for a long time.

PRO-COLLAGEN PEPTIDE is a powerful biopeptide with multiple effects that restores, regenerates and protects the skin. It works by stopping oxidative damage to skin cells and preventing photoaging, stimulating the synthesis of new collagen and preventing the breakdown of existing collagen, preventing damage to DNA molecules caused by UV and infrared rays, and increasing the skin’s defense capacity.

The synergistic action of innovative active components, nourishing oils, vitamins and plant extracts together with products from the Multiactiv Anti Age line achieves the full effect of skin care, hydration and rejuvenation.

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